Shards of Time

Photographer Per Eric Jansson, making portraits and taking photographs from around the world, doing so from Amsterdam and Taipei

Month: April, 2013

Studio Portraits from Taipei

Little Chang from Taiwan

Little Chang from Taiwan

I have a hard time deciding which theme to use for this blog, so bare with me if it changes back and forth for a while. The pictures in this post are from a series of portraits I made after I had my new camera (d800). The camera has the standard small format of 24×36 mm and it can be set to 24×30 mm (this is the same proportion as 4×5 or 8×10 – a classical format). This practically means that the space for the model become wider and he or she can move sideways in the image. Even if you put the model in the middle of the frame without any movement in the posture, it will still look more relaxed. Working in the studio with the d800, setting the frame size to 4×5 and using the live view, the work situation become very similar to using the old Mamiya RB67. One of the beauties of this workflow is that you as the photographer don’t have a camera attached to your eye all the time. You have real eye contact and can communicate freely through the whole process.



“Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.” Oscar Wilde

I don’t fully agree with Oscar Wilde, but maybe I should not say that, he will not be able to clarify his meaning. The artist’s feeling will find its expression through the style, and as the artist get better, the work will be recognisable as made by this particular artist although the models are changing.

Personally I take great pleasure in the interaction with the models as I search for the best way to capture a fragment of time of each and every one.