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Month: May, 2013

Winter Trip To Iceland – Three Angles of Hverfell Volcano

Myvatn baths with Hverfell volcano

Myvatn baths with Hverfell volcano on the background

Being of Swedish origin, growing up not very far from Iceland, and having spent 25 years in the Netherlands, also not so far from Iceland, I had to come to Taiwan before Iceland became a place to travel to. But that is a reason as good as any. We visited Iceland in February this year, with the purpose of seeing Aurora Borealis which we did get to see (will show in a different post).

Hverfell volcano from a distance

The Hverfell volcano seen from across the Myvatn lake

Iceland being located just below the Arctic circle, with its climate being arctic by definition and then kept warm by the Gulf stream. Add to that the island seem taken from a science fiction movie with its volcanoes and hot springs, it is not the average island and did make a deep impression on me. In winter the nature look infinitely hostile, it will consume you. No life in sight. Still, this nature is bubbling with volcanic activity underneath and the houses are kept warm by geothermal energy, and it feels quite safe once inside.

Hverfell volcano a bit closer

A closer view of the Hverfell volcano, it isn’t that big

Being there its easy to see why the location has been used in HBO’s Game of Thrones.


Relax Bar Taipei – Guests Portrayed – Part 1

Relax Bar in Taipei on Anhe lu has been around some 20 years.

Jimmy guest at Relax Pub Taipei

Jimmy guest at Relax Pub Taipei

Its a night bar, opens after 8pm and has always attracted independent professionals related to media. It is also a place were gays and lesbians can go for a drink. They have Stella Artois on tap, and when I asked Joyce, the owner, why no Heineken on tap, she answered that Stella Artois is better, also women drink that. It made me think of the global advertising from Heineken which, with Joyce remark in the back of my mind, might be targeting boys. Joyce is, by the way, part of a previous series of portraits of mine.

As Joyce knew about my vast personal project of portraying Taiwanese people, she proposed to portray some of her regular guests. I built a studio in the backyard of her bar and we went to work. Here is the first batch. People as such are so beautiful!

The total is 22 so there are a few more to come.

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As Time Goes By

Pick Pocketing The 4th Dimension

The 4th dimension is the dimension of time, or put in a more generic way: the ticking of your clock, including the ticks it already did, and the ones yet to come, moving on independently of what we think of them. Now, the dimension of time is NOT a luxury by no means, its more like a destiny. However, being able to play around with its existence and call it fancy names, that is a bit of a luxury – although some people feel the awareness of its ticking more as a curse. On this blog we consider ourselves fortunate to call time fancy names and pick its pockets from time to time.