Shards of Time

Photographer Per Eric Jansson, making portraits and taking photographs from around the world, doing so from Amsterdam and Taipei

Month: June, 2013

Roses on one soi off the Bangla road – Patong Beach, Phuket

During a morning walk in Patong and on the Bangla road I came across these slightly sleepy roses. At night time the Bangla road is absolutely full of people, music, dancing, paid romance and some true romance, long romance and short romance… Whatever the story, the roses tell their own.


Bangla Road roses still there in the morning


Relax Bar Taipei – Guests Portrayed – Part 2

The remaining portraits from the Relax Bar in Taipei on Anhe lu.

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Ruby guest at Relax Pub Taipei

Ruby guest at Relax Pub Taipei

In this second post of guests from the Relax bar I am showing the remaining portraits from the shooting we did in the backyard of the Relax bar. In total there were 22 portraits, 14 showed here and the first 8 in the related post link above. As always I take a great pleasure in doing these portraits. People as such, they are beautiful. Enjoy!