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Exhibition | Taipei portraits showing in Amsterdam

Portrait of yang-gui-mei by per eric jansson

Yang Kuei-Mei


Welcome to the photography exhibition Taipei by Per Eric Jansson, showing in an Amsterdam Gallery Cafe.

“The portrait is the central theme
of Per Eric Jansson’s work.

In recent years he has been working
a lot in Taiwan, portraying a wide range
of people.

The pictures in this exhibition
are all from Taipei and the portraits
range from yoga teachers to business
people to performers and actors.”


From 1st of February until 31st of March a series of portraits from Taipei are showing in WG Cafe in Amsterdam.

WG cafe
Marius van Bouwdijk Bastiaansestraat 55
1054 Amsterdam

ma t/m do 10:00– 01:00
vr en za 10:00 – 03:00
zo 10:00 – 01:00



Exhibition | Open Studio in Amsterdam

Open studio at Atelier WG artist community in Amsterdam. In my small studio in this community I am showing portraits of Jean-Luc Littière. Jean-Luc became HIV-positive in the the late 1980’s on a trip to the US. Being gay and cooperative and thinking this will not happen to me, he did participate in a research program at the university hospital in Amsterdam to have his blood checked regularly as from 1986. In 1988 he was found to be HIV-positive. In 1998, 10 years later, he developed AIDS and became terminally ill. Being French, on his own, and having no family in the Netherlands, and thus quite alone during his illness, he was not expected to make it for a long time. But somewhere far down during the descent to end of life, he did for some reason turn, and came back up.
When I met him in 2002 he was already recovering very well, walking around the block to the gym using a rollator, and living at home again. He was back in his gym to build up his strength, and that it is where I met him.

In 2002 I portrayed him for the first time and then a couple of times more until 2006 and he shared his life with me as we became friends.

He died in March 2007, in his home, and was found on his couch.

This notion of no matter what happened, he wanted to get back up and build up his strength again, is one side of his character that impressed me. But even stronger was his positive outlook on every day of life and regaining his strengths no matter what. That was feeding his strength. This has really stayed with me in my memory of him.

I still miss him, and will always do.

portrait of jean-luc littiere

Portrait of Jean-Luc Littiere from 2003.


Portrait of Jean-Luc Littiere

Jean-Luc from 2002


Please see the facebook page for place, date and time

Exhibition | Under the Same Sky – Charity Photography Exhibition in Taipei

picture of the invitation to charity photography exhibition

Charity Photography Exhibition in Taipei

Together with 23 other photographers in Taiwan we are organising a charity photo exhibition starting on the 16th of May. All the profits from the exhibition will go to Saint Anne’s home for disabled children in Taipei.

See the event on Facebook

Or visit the website with more information and introduction of the work and the photographers.

Everybody very welcome!

Relax Bar Taipei – Guests Portrayed – Part 2

The remaining portraits from the Relax Bar in Taipei on Anhe lu.

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Ruby guest at Relax Pub Taipei

Ruby guest at Relax Pub Taipei

In this second post of guests from the Relax bar I am showing the remaining portraits from the shooting we did in the backyard of the Relax bar. In total there were 22 portraits, 14 showed here and the first 8 in the related post link above. As always I take a great pleasure in doing these portraits. People as such, they are beautiful. Enjoy!

Relax Bar Taipei – Guests Portrayed – Part 1

Relax Bar in Taipei on Anhe lu has been around some 20 years.

Jimmy guest at Relax Pub Taipei

Jimmy guest at Relax Pub Taipei

Its a night bar, opens after 8pm and has always attracted independent professionals related to media. It is also a place were gays and lesbians can go for a drink. They have Stella Artois on tap, and when I asked Joyce, the owner, why no Heineken on tap, she answered that Stella Artois is better, also women drink that. It made me think of the global advertising from Heineken which, with Joyce remark in the back of my mind, might be targeting boys. Joyce is, by the way, part of a previous series of portraits of mine.

As Joyce knew about my vast personal project of portraying Taiwanese people, she proposed to portray some of her regular guests. I built a studio in the backyard of her bar and we went to work. Here is the first batch. People as such are so beautiful!

The total is 22 so there are a few more to come.

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Studio Portraits from Taipei

Little Chang from Taiwan

Little Chang from Taiwan

I have a hard time deciding which theme to use for this blog, so bare with me if it changes back and forth for a while. The pictures in this post are from a series of portraits I made after I had my new camera (d800). The camera has the standard small format of 24×36 mm and it can be set to 24×30 mm (this is the same proportion as 4×5 or 8×10 – a classical format). This practically means that the space for the model become wider and he or she can move sideways in the image. Even if you put the model in the middle of the frame without any movement in the posture, it will still look more relaxed. Working in the studio with the d800, setting the frame size to 4×5 and using the live view, the work situation become very similar to using the old Mamiya RB67. One of the beauties of this workflow is that you as the photographer don’t have a camera attached to your eye all the time. You have real eye contact and can communicate freely through the whole process.