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Photographer Per Eric Jansson, making portraits and taking photographs from around the world, doing so from Amsterdam and Taipei

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Personalities | Berget Lewis

portrait of berget lewis by perericjansson

Singer / song writer Berget Lewis

Portrait taken around the millennium change. Dutch singer Berget Lewis in my studio in Amsterdam. We were working on her new presentation. Thank you, Berget!

Berget Lewis music



People in Taiwan | Arthur Ljunggren – aspiring movie director

Last summer Arthur came all the way from Sweden to work as an intern at Keystone Communications in Taipei. Arthur is a student in Sweden and aiming for becoming a movie director. Spending time at Keystone and in Asia would broaden his views and take him to a completely new environment.

artist-movie-director-arthur-ljunggren photographed by Per Eric Jansson

Arthur Ljunggren, aspiring movie director

Thank you for participating in my projects, Arthur.